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Retail: $413.00
Our Price: $174.65
QuarkXPress 5.0/6.0 (Win/Mac)
Item #: QRK-06
Volumes 1-7
Volume 1
Quark Interface, Working With Guides, Navigating Through Quark, Modifying Items & Contents, Working With Documents, Tool Palette, Text Fundamentals, Using Character Attributes, Other Text Tidbits, Picture Fundamentals, Picture Effects, Picture Contrast Options

Volume 2
Runarounds In Depth, File Formats, Update Missing Items, Print Dialog Box Options, Setting Preferences, Formatting Master Pages, Insert & Rearrange, Color Models, Colors Palette, Changing Default Colors, Editing Colors, Trapping Overview

Volume 3
Tabs, Tables, Step, Repeat & Duplicate, Linking Text Boxes, Align, Style Sheets, Spell Check, Find & Change, Leading, Hyphenation & Justification, Tracking & Kerning, Paragraph Management

Volume 4
Anchored Text, Rules, Text Paths, Picture Contrast, Clipping Paths, Text Runaround, Stacking Order, Libraries, Attribute Find & Change, Color Separations, Composite Print, Collect For Output

Volume 5
Auto-Trapping, Manual Trapping, Sections, Books, Chapters, Managing Color Documents, Calibration Overview, Color Mgmt Preferences, List Style Sheets, Creating Lists, Append & Duplicate Lists, Displaying Lists

Volume 6
Bezier Shapes, Type To Outlines, Type To Picture, Transparent EPS, Scripts Menu, Indexing, Layers, Create Web Document, Rollovers, Hyperlinks, Image Maps, Working With Meta Tags

Volume 7
This volume is intended for users familiar with QuarkXPress 5.0 and includes 2-hours of expert instruction on all New Features of QuarkXPress 6.0

New Projects & Layouts, Paste In Place, Undo & Redo, Layers, Export Layout To PDF, Synchronized Text, Full Resolution, Table Creation, Web Publishing, Multi-Page & Print Features, Collect For Output, XML Document Features

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